4 ingredients to help reduce hair loss and grow strong hair

Nutrition experts say that many people always want thick hair, but as hair gets older and thinner, many people experience less and less hair.

4 ingredients to help reduce hair loss and grow strong hair
4 ingredients to help reduce hair loss and grow strong hair

According to the analysis, in fact, the health of the scalp and the volume of hair are closely related to innate genes, daily habits and the choice of shampoo and conditioner, if you want thicker hair, you must adapt. anyway then. With the help of diet, you will have the opportunity to grow beautiful hair.

1. Get enough high-quality protein

The most important ingredient of hair is amino acids, it is necessary to add abundant amount of protein to hair follicles to have enough materials to grow hair, many people who are losing weight are prone to hair loss, which is caused by amount of protein in the diet. . also. insufficient levels, or too much pressure leading to poor digestion and absorption. It is recommended to add a lot of protein every day to help hair shine and increase its strength, for example seafood, meat, eggs, dairy, nuts,… all are high quality proteins.

2. Supplement iron-containing foods in moderation

When the human body lacks iron, the synthesis of red blood cells in the body is hampered, there is not enough oxygen in the blood, causing the hair to not receive enough nutrition, easily increasing hair loss like spinach. . and spinach (spinach), which can help improve anemia.

3. Supplement with B complex vitamins and foods moderate in zinc

If you have a deficiency of group B, it is easy for hair loss to occur, so you can regularly take B vitamins such as B6, B12, folic acid and biotin. Zinc is an important nutrient involved in protein synthesis, zinc deficiency is also prone to hair loss. You can eat additional shrimp, crab, fish, meat.

4. Supplement foods containing vitamin C in moderation

Hair contains a lot of collagen, in addition to its immunomodulatory effect, vitamin C can help increase collagen production, prevent hair loss, so it is recommended to add a variety of vegetables and fruits, especially for modern people with a long life. Pressure or staying up late and poor immunity. Supplementing with vitamin C can help combat stress in addition to maintaining healthy hair.

Finally, we want to remind everyone to eat in moderation, relieve stress with the right food, cut back on excess refined foods, and get enough sleep for beautiful hair.

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