Abuse of weight loss: Beware of harm and benefit.

In addition to supporting weight loss, coffee, bean juice … also causes many consequences if abused.

Abuse of weight loss: Beware of harm and benefit.
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CKI doctor Ngo Cao Ngoc Diep, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital, said that many people have paid more attention to improving their appearance, but not everyone is sober enough to apply these treatments. Scientific beauty method. The psychology of haste, comparison, and dissatisfaction with “beauty” easily pushes people with beauty needs to fall into the “trap” of “underground” beauty establishments, selling ingredients and weight loss foods…

Currently there are many ways to lose weight, many women often tell each other about weight loss tips by drinking a lot of coffee, this is true if you drink 1 cup of coffee during the day. At this time, coffee outside helps you stay awake, increase excitement, increase exercise time, work to burn, and safely release excess energy.

However, drinkers can face the risk of sleep disturbances due to excess caffeine. Inability to sleep, causing prolonged stress, fatigue, physical exhaustion and other anxiety disorders.

There are also many people talking about the effects of green bean juice, saying that drinking this water daily helps to supplement nutrients, fight hunger, reduce appetite, thereby helping to lose weight for a long time.

However, people are used to drinking roasted black bean juice, the rest throw away the beans rich in fiber, essential amino acids and other vitamins and minerals.

Do not use black bean juice to replace daily drinking water, because they will affect the ability to absorb substances in the body such as iron, zinc, copper, phosphorus …

Black bean juice should only be used 1-2 times a day, about 250ml each time. Drink away from main meals from 2-4 hours to not interfere with the absorption of minerals in food, do not add sugar if used to lose weight.

People with cardiovascular disease such as heart failure, liver and kidney disease, colitis drinking too much can cause circulatory overload, excess fluid in the body.

Bean juice is also easy to go rancid when stored improperly, so if stored at room temperature, it must be boiled again after 2 hours, if stored in the refrigerator, it should only be for 24 hours.

Regarding the concept of weight loss by drinking filtered water before eating, Dr. Diep recommends that this is a method with very little effect on weight loss, and also has the opposite effect if people need to lose weight too much. For young people, drinking water before meals does not help reduce calorie intake, because water will quickly enter the small intestine. As for the elderly, water is retained in the stomach longer and drinking water helps them feel fuller.

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