A little tip to treat dry skin that you may not have tried? Essential oils

For most people, “dry skin treatment” on Google is like a winter activity like snow polishing and refreshing our sweater cabinets. And while you may have studied what it feels like for every lotion, potion, and lotion that the Internet recommends, there’s one solution you may not have tried: essential oils for dry skin.

A little tip to treat dry skin that you may not have tried? Essential oils
A little tip to treat dry skin that you may not have tried? Essential oils

The One Trick for Treating Dry Skin You Probably Haven’t Tried yet? Essential Oils

As any wellness addict worthy of being a member of their meditation app knows, essential oils boast a lot of benefits — from reducing stress and helping you sleep (look at you, lavender) to antibacterial magic on the skin (hey, tea tree). An interesting piece of news, about how these interesting scented drugs actually work: They are created in fragrant plants that help protect them from bacteria, viruses, and fungi, and when these compounds are extracted into essential oils, they can have the same benefits for us. That’s great, isn’t it?

“Essential oils are absorbed into the skin through hair follicles,” explains Kimberlee Geng, U.S. Director of Education at Aromatherapy Associates. All essential oils are said to have anti-bacterial, non-allergenic properties; some have antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory effects. Essential oils also contain antioxidants that help prevent cell damage caused by oxidation and protect against the accumulation of toxic waste in skin cells, thereby helping to reduce signs of aging. “

But before you bathe yourself in straight-transmitted EOs, it is important to note that when they are not diluted, they can actually cause a lot of irritation and have a drying effect on the skin. AKA: Contrary to what you want. “Most are too dense to apply directly to the skin,” says Geng. They are often diluted into transport environments such as vegetable or vegetable oils to increase the effect of essential oils immediately to soothe and heal. They can also be combined in a high-quality, good odorless lotion or your favorite body lotion. Some of her favorites? Coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, olive oil, apricot seed oil, spring seed oil, or shea butter. During the winter months, avoid using oils such as citronella, tea tree, and cinnamon, which have skin drying properties and will cause your skin to dehydrate more than when it started.

For the most part, essential oils are safe for people to use, but it should be noted that although they are natural, your body can still react to them. Geng says: “Always consult a specialist when using essential oils — excessive abuse and improper blending are common mistakes that can cause reactions or irritation to the skin” specific essential oils. “Find reliable brands that document purity and reveal all ingredients, and never eat essential oils that are not produced for consumption because they can have a toxic effect.”.

But back to the problem being discussed: Your winter skin is getting worse. Here, we’ve synthesized the best essential oils for dry skin, making your skin look fresh – and fragrant – ready for spring.

Chamomile: In addition to being an important part of bedtime routines, the popular tea ingredients you’ve been siping throughout the years have a lot of benefits for your skin beyond bedtime routines. This gentle herb acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and helps to heal the skin when its sensations are affected by winter weather. Roman chrysanthemums, $14

Frankincense: That supporting role in the story of Christmas is not the only reason you should talk about Frankincense during the winter months. It soothes dry skin, supports the regeneration and vitality of skin cells, and heals irritations. Frankincense, $4

Geranium: Consider geranium to be “one that fits all” winter essential oils: Whether your skin is dry skin or oily skin, it helps to balance things out. It has astringent-like properties that help tone and firms the skin, and its anti-inflammatory properties can also help minimize redness, dryness, irritation. Geranium, $15

Ylang ylang: Like geranium, ylang-ylang oil helps balance the amount of oil on your skin and can soothe any anger or irritation on the skin. Ylang Ylang, $7

Roses: There is a reason why so many winter moisturizers have a rose flavor. Flower oil soothes and soothes dry skin as an anti-inflammatory while promoting better skin health by reducing irritation and burning. Commission, $12

Sandalwood: Forget any of your opinions about the aroma from sandalwood (because I personally can’t stand it): As a savior for dry skin, sandalwood helps reduce inflammation while moisturizing and soothing the skin. Sandalwood, $12

Vanilla: You know how a little vanilla can help soothe your brain? Well, applying it to your dry skin has the same effect. Plus, you’ll smell like your favorite barbecue all day long, which is always a bonus. Vanilla, $16

Jasmine: Not only fragrant but also essential oil of cameras also has antibacterial and antiviral properties, which soothe dry and irritated skin. Mix it with your favorite fragrance-without lotion to have the scent that you (and everyone around you) will want to smell throughout the day long. Meso, $6

Patchouli: As a natural anti-inflammatory, patchouli helps heal chapped skin — that means you can say goodbye to winter woes like cracking your hands and peeling your lips. It can also be used on scarred skin and lumpy patches, so it’s great to help knees and elbows add love when they need it. Patchouli, $14

Lavender: Lavender is highly appreciated for its sleep-using magic, but it can also have a similar skin-cooling effect. It soothes rough, dry, and irritated skin, and as a natural analgesic can help relieve pain while supporting the healing and overall health of the skin. This is a great choice for anyone — even those with sensitive skin. Lavender, $30

If your skin is dry, your water shortage needs to be strengthened much more this season, we will help you. Start your new essential oil habit with one of these editorial-approved moisturizers and end things with a super-nourishing mask.

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