Black tea, green tea and the most beneficial way to drink

Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world and there is increasing evidence of its health benefits. However, how to use the tea to benefit…

Black tea, green tea and the most beneficial way to drink
Black tea, green tea and the most beneficial way to drink

The French are more and more interested in drinking tea and it is the most popular drink in France. Tea consumption among the French has increased by 60% in the last 12 years. According to a survey, 2 out of 3 French people consider tea their favorite daily drink.

Fabien Badariotti, PhD in molecular biology, member of the scientific committee of the French Center for Plant Research, said: “Tea has been shown to have many health benefits, as long as you choose the right kind of tea. . and use it wisely.

1. Two cups of tea a day help prevent chronic diseases
According to Dr. Fabien Badariotti, tea is a food that has been the subject of the largest number of scientific studies ever conducted: more than 10,000 studies. Studies have confirmed the benefits of tea due to its richness in flavonoids, antioxidant molecules that help protect the body from oxidative damage, responsible for aging and many chronic diseases.

Research results have shown that drinking 2 cups of tea a day has the same protective effect on the body as 5 servings of fruits and vegetables or a 400mg vitamin C tablet.

2. Does the color of teas affect quality?
Erica Zellner, a registered dietitian and health coach in California, USA, explains: “Although green tea and black tea are derived from the same plant, many people may be interested in knowing what the difference is between these two types. of tea and how it works. affect quality?

The biggest difference between black tea and green tea is how they are prepared. According to New York nutritionist Marissa Meshulam, black tea leaves are oxidized after harvest, which means they are exposed to air to dry. This step affects the aroma and flavor of the tea, giving black tea a richer flavor. Green tea leaves are heated and dried immediately after harvest to prevent oxidation. This is why green tea has a smoother, more herbal flavor than black tea.

Green tea seems to be the best tea because it contains more antioxidants. These substances make up 30-42% of the tea’s dry matter, compared to only 3-10% in black tea that has undergone fermentation. Green tea is less euphoric because it contains less caffeine. Green tea also provides less fluoride and aluminum than black tea. These substances have the potential to accumulate in the body and eventually produce toxic effects.

Additionally, both teas contain caffeine which contains the amino acid L-theanine, which works differently than the caffeine found in coffee. L-theanine helps you relax more while creating alertness, the caffeine in coffee can induce alertness and cause anxiety or stress.

White tea, made from the white buds and youngest leaves of the tea tree, is the least contaminated but also the most expensive due to its rarity.

3. How to best consume tea?
Because the tannins in tea interfere with iron absorption, it is best not to drink tea with meals, but rather before or after eating for at least 1 hour. To get the most out of the tea’s health benefits, you should use around 2g of leaves per cup. The optimal steeping time is 5 minutes for green tea, 5-10 minutes for black tea, and 15 minutes for white tea.

Black tea contains around 47 mg of caffeine in each cup of tea, while green tea contains around 28 mg of caffeine in each cup. Those who don’t want the stimulating effects of caffeine in tea can skip the brew first, then add water and drink it a second time. If you want to drink tea in the afternoon, you can choose green tea instead. Black tea so as not to affect sleep.

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