Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t brush your teeth after breakfast.

Without a doubt, brushing your teeth is one of the most important steps in your daily oral hygiene routine. But doing it at the wrong time can sabotage all your efforts to keep your teeth white and healthy.

Although you may feel fresh breath when you brush your teeth right after breakfast. But it is better to brush your teeth when you get up in the morning. These are the reasons why experts recommend doing it.

It can damage your enamel.

Brushing your teeth after eating helps fight bacteria and protects your enamel from damage, but in some cases it can work the other way around. When you eat or drink something acidic, such as orange juice, grapefruit juice, or lemon juice, the citric acid in these foods can temporarily soften tooth enamel, and brushing immediately after eating can damage teeth. your teeth. yeast. weakened teeth. yeast.

If you want to drink a glass of orange juice or add a slice of lemon to the water every morning, you should not brush your teeth for about 30 minutes afterwards so as not to damage the enamel. And if you don’t have much time in the morning, brushing your teeth before eating makes more sense.

It affects the color of your teeth.

Brushing your teeth right after eating can make your teeth more susceptible to wear. As enamel weakens, it also tends to discolor more easily.

Brushing your teeth before eating helps increase saliva production.

Brushing your teeth as soon as you wake up will help you feel fresher in the morning and also start salivating. Because your saliva contains antibacterial substances, it makes it easier to break down food and naturally kills harmful bacteria that cause cavities.

Make your teeth more sensitive.

Tooth sensitivity can occur for many different reasons, one of which is weak enamel. Since brushing your teeth immediately after eating certain foods can increase tooth sensitivity, it’s best to prevent this unpleasant side effect by brushing your teeth before eating.

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