Immeasurable harm when supplemented with vitamin C incorrectly

Health experts recommend that too much vitamin C increases the risk of kidney stones because it increases the excretion of calcium in the body through urine.

In response to the press, TS.BS.Ho Thu Mai, Department of Nutrition, Vinmec International General Hospital, said that vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin. Along with many other vitamins and minerals, vitamin C is essential for good health.

However, BS.Mai pointed out: “What is used a lot is not good and neither is vitamin C.” A day, the body can only absorb the maximum amount of vitamin C of 50 to 70 mg for adults. If you take too much, the excess vitamin C will be excreted in the urine and feces. Therefore, when supplemented with too much vitamin C, it will increase the risk of kidney stones because it increases the excretion of calcium in the body through the urinary tract.

According to nutrition experts, the daily vitamin C needs of babies up to 3 years old, children’s body needs 25-30 mg, 4-18 years old needs 30-40 mg, the average adult needs 50 mg per day. day.

For pregnant women, the daily requirement of vitamin C is 50 mg, while breastfeeding is 70 mg. Therefore, to ensure the amount of vitamin C needed for the body to function, it is necessary to provide enough vitamin C in the daily diet. If the diet for some reason does not provide enough vitamin C, it should be supplemented but not taken in excess.

Notes when supplementing with vitamin C:
The use of vitamin C should follow the advice and instructions of your doctor.

– Vitamin C should not be considered as a tonic, of unlimited use (especially for children and pregnant women). Also, vitamin C should not be considered a panacea to “cool down” in the hot season.

-Each family needs to improve the quality of daily meals, pay attention to the meals of pregnant and lactating mothers and children.

Patients with high blood pressure should not use the effervescent form of vitamin C because this form of sodium chloride after taking it will increase blood pressure.

– People with urinary stones or a history of urinary stones should not use, please be careful and consult a doctor. Vitamin C can cause allergies, so it should be minimized when using the injectable form.

Please note when using the effervescent form of vitamin C:
Effervescent tablets are a special dosage form to create attractiveness and comfort in taking the medicine in the body, providing vitamins to help the body reduce fatigue and work effectively. However, drinking too much during the day, not taking proper nutrition, the patient does not have time to take the effervescent tablet but still takes it, leading not only to discomfort but also to the risk of disease.

People with high blood pressure should not use effervescent medicines in general, including effervescent tablets C. Because any effervescent medicine contains sodium (because it contains sodium bicarbonate or sodium carbonate to react with the citric acid that is also present in the effervescent tablet ). Therefore, there are some people who cannot use effervescent medicine because they must abstain from salt, that is, they cannot eat salty foods, such as people with high blood pressure.

When you take vitamin C, you should take it in the morning because taking it at night will make it hard for you to fall asleep. It should be drunk after eating, as taking it on an empty stomach can cause stomach upset.

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