Petroleum Jelly is the best (and cheapest) skin moisturizer you

The best skin moisturizing ingredients can be ingredients that your mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother have known for a long time. It only costs $4 to add it to your own collection — if it’s not yet part of it. Mineral oil, most famous under the brand name Vaseline, has many uses, and one of its best uses is anti-dry skin.

Petroleum Jelly is the best (and cheapest) skin moisturizer you
Petroleum Jelly is the best (and cheapest) skin moisturizer you

Mineral oils are as dense as peanut butter, so it’s not something to apply all over your body like lotion, but it’s a great choice for dry or dry skin areas, says dermatologist Sandra Lee, also known as Dr. Pimple Popper and founder of SLMD Skincare.

“Mineral oil is very squashy, which means it works to keep your skin moist by blocking skin’s exposure to air because dryness in the air can actually pull moisture out of your skin,” says Dr. Lee. “In some ways, it’s great, since this type of dense formula can strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, helpless water evaporate from the skin, and dry the skin. However, this is not true for all skin types”.

If you have oily skin or are prone to acne, Dr. Lee does not recommend using mineral oils. She said: “It can clog your pores and promote acne or the development of acne, they are actually extremely small cysts. Other skin types are really beneficial when using it as a local treatment for ultra-dry skin.

“In winter, many of us need to switch to using more moisturizing products, so it is usual to increase the use of mineral oil during the winter months,” she said. Personally, I have very dry skin, so I can withstand a thin layer of mineral oil under makeup, but people with really oily skin will probably hate this. It is definitely a more oily product that can make makeup or other skincare products a little more difficult. ”

Dr. Lee recommends using mineral oil to moisturize the heel, cracks, or cracks around the fingertips and corners of the mouth before sleeping, which can help prevent painful cracks in the corners of the lips. But it’s safe to use almost anywhere on your body.

“You can use mineral oil on the elbows, knees, and anywhere else that you feel the skin drier. It’s great if you have eczema, as it can help alleviate and control related outbreaks,” she said. This is a safe product to use regularly if you want if you don’t suffer from acne and once you determine that it doesn’t cause acne.”

With a vial of mineral oil, the peeling dry skin does not even have a chance.

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