The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that 4 foods are on the “black list” of causing liver cancer, if you want to live a long life, stay away.

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization (WHO), foods that contain a lot of benzopyrene, aflatoxin, nitrite have a very high ability to cause liver cancer. And here are 4 foods that contain these liver-toxic waste products.

Of the three toxins listed above, benzopyrene is the most toxic to the liver. It is created after incomplete combustion of organic substances at a temperature of 300 to 600 degrees Celsius. Just 1 nanogram of benzopyrene entering the body will change the structure and function of DNA, creating molecules. death. dead. mediates, alters the structure of target cells and induces cancer.

So stay away from foods that contain 1 of the 3 substances above, especially these 4 foods.

1. Baked and fried foods
Topping the list are two favorite dishes of many young people. Partying, fast food, junk food… they seem to have become part of modern life but they also shorten our lives day by day.

When grilling, the high heat causes the meat to burn around the edges, the burned part contains benzopyrene. Also, if you grill with charcoal, benzopyrene is also created from the embers after burning, which can fly, mix with oil smoke, fall, and stick to food.

For fried foods, according to China’s Sohu site, vegetable oil when heated above 270 degrees Celsius produces benzopyrene, reaching the threshold of 300 degrees Celsius a large amount of benzopyrene is formed which will adhere to food. In particular, when eating frying outdoors, there are restaurants that use frying oil again and again, which makes the benzopyrene content increase many times, which is extremely dangerous to health.

2. Moldy fruits and foods
Don’t throw away bruised, moldy, or discolored fruit just to save money. Although they only show slight signs of decomposition, the taste is no different when eaten, but the aflatoxin in it is causing a lot of damage to your liver and cells.

3. Sour food
The custom of using pickled foods such as pickles, salted eggplants, kimchi, compressed onions, etc. in daily meals is very common in Asian countries. Not only is it a habit, but these dishes also help add variety to meals, stimulate appetite very well and reduce boredom.

However, to make pickles, we have to use a lot of salt. During pickling or fermentation, they will form nitrite, which is a dangerous ingredient on the “black list” that causes cancer of the liver and other internal organs.

4. Soak mushrooms for a long time.
Mushrooms are a very nutritious food, but when people buy them, they are usually dried mushrooms, which need to be soaked to expand and then processed.

Of course, you have to pay attention when soaking the mushrooms. If soaked for too long, the mushroom-soaked water will turn into a nutrient solution, produce aflatoxin toxins, and become a “greasy environment” for airborne disease-causing bacteria such as bacteria. Pseudomonas syringae family. The scary thing is that this bacteria and the poison cannot be completely destroyed by boiling them.

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