This French beauty brand is famous for Micellar Water, but I can’t get enough of its lip balm

I was in the world’s most luxurious pharmacy with my colleagues as she gasped. We lived in New York City, so even in the palace of this pharmacy, I thought, “Oh no, a cockroach,” but I was wrong. It was two tubes of Bioderma Atoderm Nourishing and Repairing Lip Balm ($10) that caused such a strong reaction, one of which she delivered to me without hesitation. “These things are rare,” she said. A few days later, I understood why.

This French beauty brand is famous for Micellar Water, but I can't get enough of its lip balm
This French beauty brand is famous for Micellar Water, but I can’t get enough of its lip balm

This French Beauty Brand Is Famous for Micellar Water, but I Can’t Get Enough of Its Lip Balm

At a time of low temperatures like this of the year, my lips are more or less darkened. Perhaps you are accustomed to those dry winter winds that can bring you cracked and painful lips that make you completely crazy. Or a prolonged common cold can cause you to crack your mouth completely. But I have one more masturbate; Colder weather means studying dimly colored lips, however not the super-right type for your mouth.

If you don’t know anything about Bioderma yet, then you’ll be praised for your skincare products, especially Sensiobio H20 Micellar Water ($14). But believe when I say it’s a hidden gem. The official recipe is made up of all the good things, like shea butter, avocado oil, and vitamin E, a comparable fruit that will harmonize what is peeling and help promote new development.

Incidentally, I sat on this lip balm (not literally, not strange) for two days, there were one or two events that required me to paint a little classic red lipstick. I woke up on that Tuesday with my lips completely shot, the result of too much foil. I rolled over, searched, and found Bioderma lip balm in the hope it would be useful. When I applied it evenly, I was extremely excited (this time quite literally) – Bioderma lip balm is more gentle, at the same time smooth and moisturizing.

Then I painted the lipstick dimmer because it was Halloween and I hated myself. But that night, I followed a tip my friend mentioned when passing by —I applied some balm before being unconscious And in the morning? Everything was smooth sailing as if my mouth had been going through a fun holiday and came back as young again.

Bioderma wants you to heal wounds, but if you’re just looking to make the ball and be able to kiss, it can manage that too. Oh, and the best part? It wasn’t even expensive at all, I threw down 10 points without even thinking.

If you anticipate rough winter mouth accidents —like, really rough — and want a balm to help you get through, this is our vote. But hurry up to your most legendary drug store and hoard before the season begins. Trust me, it’s rare.

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