This is Apple’s way of “leading the nose”, making users always want to buy more expensive products

Whenever they want to buy a new Apple product, such as an iPhone or iPad, many people will consider choosing the model they want to choose that suits their needs and budget. But Apple has a way of forcing users to switch to more expensive products.

Let’s say you want to save money and also want to use an iPad. Perhaps the basic model of iPad is the first choice because it meets the needs of users with powerful configuration, but the design of the device is quite outdated, moreover, the device is only supported by Apple. Pencil. and it doesn’t have a slim-bezel display like the latest iPad Air or iPad Pro.

And by doing so, you’ll tell yourself that you just need to spend a little more money to get a more modern iPad Air. This is a product that is rated as the best option for the money you need to spend. But I don’t understand why Apple gives users a headache when it only offers two memory options, 64GB and 256GB. The skyrocketing memory also means that the amount of money users have to spend is also relatively higher.

The current 64GB iPad Air costs $600, while the 256GB version costs $750. For those who need to store a lot of data like music, movies, or games on a tablet, 64GB of internal memory won’t be enough. . . Apple knows this and has cleverly diverted users’ attention from choosing to buy a 256GB iPad Air to an 11-inch iPad Pro that costs just $50 or $800.

At this point, the entry-level iPad Pro 11-inch 128GB is a more reasonable choice due to the high refresh rate of the screen and the performance of the powerful M1 chip. And after all, Apple has successfully “steered” users from buying a basic iPad to choosing an iPad Pro.

Like the base iPad, the 2022 iPhone SE looks outdated for a reason, plus Apple saved production costs by reusing the design from the 5-year-old iPhone 8. Inside the iPhone SE is a true performance monster with the A15 Bionic processor found in the iPhone 13 series and capable of beating most Android flagships in the same price range. However, Apple has made this machine look “uglier” by giving it an outdated design.

This visual trick is mainly based on the perception of people who need a well-designed machine, such as children or teenagers. They will beg their parents to buy an iPhone 13 that is almost twice as expensive as an iPhone SE, even though they both have the same performance.

In addition to targeting children, this approach works for some adults as well. If you’re tech-savvy, you probably don’t want a new “breathable” phone from 2017. Instead, you’ll need something that looks cooler and more modern.

In short, the iPhone SE 2022 was created in the form of the iPhone 8 with the aim of making a clear difference from the high-end iPhone lineup. That way, even the majority of users who don’t care much about technology will ignore it and choose an iPhone with a flashier design.

In addition to hardware devices, Apple also has a trick that makes users a headache when looking to buy products, which is the included storage memory option. Like the iPad example above, the storage options on the iPhone 13 tend to draw users’ attention to the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max.

Currently, the top-end 512GB iPhone 13 costs the same as the 256GB iPhone 13 Pro. In general, this will make us consider the 13 Pro model at least once when choosing an iPhone 13 with a lot of memory. And Apple’s tight control over expensive storage options is the main reason the iPhone doesn’t have an expandable memory slot. In addition to avoiding conflicts between the quality of internal and external storage, Apple also wants to benefit from offering a permanent storage option.

In addition, to avoid price traps set by manufacturers to make consumers spend more, users should also compare product prices in many places with promotions to get the best price. when buying

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