Unearthed the status of Netflix 5 years ago: in the past it was said that sharing passwords was love, why now they ask for an extra fee?

Netflix’s plans to limit account sharing between users have been heavily criticized.

Recently, Netflix announced that it will “martial law” and strictly control the behavior of customers who share accounts, and may charge additional fees to users who do not have the same household registration. This is considered one of the solutions to help them improve their revenue after a pretty bad quarter and the loss of 200,000 paid subscribers.

Unearthed the status of Netflix 5 years ago
Unearthed the status of Netflix 5 years ago

However, it is clear that this is not the information that users are looking for, especially when not long ago Netflix increased the price of the service in some countries of the world. And so some people “unearthed” an article from 5 years ago on Netflix’s Twitter with the content: “Love is the same password”. bragging “about trading accounts on his streaming platform. For now, this post is nothing more than a phase of ‘self-destructing’ his reputation.”

A very strong “self-destruct” phase of Netflix and, of course, netizens will not miss this “peak” opportunity.

And you know, once netizens have grasped the weakness in his hands, no one can resist his overwhelming fighting ability. On Twitter, many users are retweeting or commenting on the Netflix 2017 status line with sarcasm and harsh criticism.

For example, user Alejandro Lozada “turns on” Netflix by exposing all of their silly plans: “Love is the most expensive streaming service in the world, arbitrarily cancels all high-grossing series with no lovers without notice, then complains that customers they share passwords. Who do you blame?

“Saying this means you don’t love your customers. So you increase the price of sharing passwords”, commented the Mas user.

Netflix faces a lot of criticism for going against its original creed.

However, as is often the case in any social media debate, not everyone is against Netflix’s plans. 1 netizen said: “Love is love, which doesn’t need money. I’m glad Netflix realized how stupid and naive they are themselves (when customers feel free to share accounts). Of course, it would have attracted many users in the first place, but as time went on, Netflix realized that it had missed the opportunity to add another 100 million customers to its group, all because of the “Shared Passwords” feature.

And finally, there is always an objective, neutral third party that does not defend anyone, such as the following opinion: “I guess Netflix’s new plan is to ‘protect the interests of guests’ is wrong with its entire series, which has reduced its base of users.

After raising service fees for some countries, Netflix wants to charge more for those who have “spent” on someone else’s account without being in the same household.

In fact, Netflix’s terms and policies are very clear: users should not share passwords with anyone outside of their household. However, that doesn’t stop customers from freely sharing their accounts with friends, lovers, or even strangers to keep costs down each month.

Netflix is ​​currently testing fee increases for “sub-users” in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, before rolling out globally in the near future, possibly in 2023. Each sub-account will pay an additional $2.99. .

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